Elmhurst, IL Chimney Repair & Tuck pointing
Chimney Repair - Tuck pointing
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Chimney Repair - Tuck pointing
Chimney Repair - Tuck pointing
Chimney Repair - Tuck pointing

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Chimney Flashing Repair

Chimney Repair

Brick Chimney Repair

Chimney Repair

Chimney Repair - Tuck pointingChimney Repair - Tuck pointingChimney Repair - Tuck pointing Chimney Repair - Tuck pointing
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Chimney Repair - Tuck pointing

Brian King Masonry / Geneva, IL Chimney Repair / Tuckpointing

•  Due to exposure to the elements, usage and the passage of time, bricks and mortar eventually show signs of wear. Depending upon the degree of deterioration different types of repairs are required. Timely maintenance of your chimney structure will ensure years of uninterrupted safe enjoyment and will enhance the value of your home.

Chimney Repair / Flaking Bricks

•  The face of the bricks may shale or fall off. If left unattended, these bricks continue to deteriorate and entire bricks may eventually fall out of the chimney. To prevent continued deterioration and to avoid future costly repairs; contact us to determine the reason for this chimney deterioration.

Chimney Repair / Crown Repair

•  The crown is the cement slab at the top of a masonry chimney. Crown repairs range from minor crown seals to complete crown rebuilds. If deterioration is left unattended it will eventually lead to damage to the chimney structure beneath.

Chimney Repair / Flashing Repair

•  The flashing is the strip of metal that joins the base of the chimney to the roofline. The flashing prevents water from penetrating this joint and seeping into your house. A flashing seal is needed when sections of the flashing have lifted.

Chimney Repair / Water Repellent

•  Whether your house was built one or one hundred years ago, the bricks and the mortar are exposed to the damaging effects of rain, snow and wind. Chimney Saver is a water repellent applied to the exterior chimney structure. It provides a layer of protection against the damaging effects of rain and snow. However, it must be understood that this water barrier is not a substitute for needed masonry repairs such as tuckpointing or chimney rebuilding.

•  Existing cracks / If not properly repaired will allow water to leak into the brick & mortar joints beneath and the chimney system within (causing brick chimney repair needs). This will cause integrity & fire worthiness loss throughout the structure, which translates to costly un-necessary fireplace chimney repair and/or reconstruction needs.

•  Prevents further crack formation / Your chimney projects above the roof line and is highly vulnerable to the elements. Crown coat is specifically formulated to withstand the severe weather and thermal stress to which your chimney is exposed. The need for brick chimney repair, as a result of crown chimney leaks, is eliminated.

•  Prevent tuckpointing needs / Masonry deteriorates when it absorbs water and is subjected to significant temperature changes within a short period of time (cold mornings - pleasant days), and freeze & thaw cycles (winter months). Superior Chimney's CSIA (Chimney Safety Institute of America) Certified Chimney Sweeps will ensure your crown is sufficiently protecting the chimney beneath from chimney leaks so that fireplace chimney repair costs do not escalate. Brick chimney repairs are of the top four most significant costs that homeowners endure - all due to lack of preventative maintenance.

•  Chimneys are usually the first part of a masonry building to manifest signs of deterioration. This is mostly due to the fact that chimneys are constantly bombarded by the elements. Resting above the roofline virtually defenseless, chimneys do not have any roof or gutter system to divert water away from them as on the main part of your brick building. A simple hairline crack in your chimney capstone, if neglected, can cause serious damage. Water penetration through a failed cap can cause the top courses of your chimney to disintegrate to the point where masonry repair is mandatory. When the majority of the brick on a chimney are spalling, flaking, cracking, displacing or even missing it is time to rebuild it with new masonry units.

•  Mortar crown repair: the mortar crown is the concrete like surface at the top of your chimney that keeps water out of your flue; a cracked or broken mortar crown should be repaired immediately to avoid serious water damage.

•  Our services are quite extensive. We specialize in masonry repair, tuckpointing, chimney rebuilds, new construction, chemical cleaning, and many other masonry services. We take pride in completing each and every job with the utmost in dedication and service. Brian King Masonry does not take shortcuts. You will choose the materials for each and every stage of the project. We guarantee these are the materials you will receive.

•  Tuckpointing becomes mandatory when mortar joints have cracked, flaked, or disintegrated due to the abrasive effects of the elements. Although the right material and technique are enough to deliver a water-tight job, Brian King Masonry believes appearance is also a top priority. Our skilled crews carefully select the proper mortar mix and tools to compliment your existing mortar color and profile.

•  Water penetration can cause mortar to weaken and brick to deteriorate. If moisture gets in the way of the defected brick and freezes it will cause the brick to split chip, deflect or move. Once this happens the brick offers no structural support to the masonry wall. Removing the defected brick will prevent the water from extending to the healthy brick.

•  Penetrating moisture not only weakens the mortar that bonds the masonry units together, it also promotes premature deterioration of brick. If moisture finds its way into a defect on the brick and freezes, it will cause the brick to spall, deflect or displace. Once this happens, the brick is rendered useless as it offers no structural support to the masonry wall. Removing defective brick will prevent water damage from spreading to the healthy and sound brick remaining. Brian King Masonry works with a variety of brick suppliers to insure you the closest match to your existing brick when masonry repair is required.

•  We match existing masonry mortar color exactly. We will remove all cracked and crumbling mortar joints and cracked brick, tuck pointing or injection-grouting them to insure that they are completely filled. When we are finished it will be virtually impossible to identify the areas of masonry brick repair.

•  A deteriorated chimney crown that is left unprotected will allow water to compromise the structural integrity of your chimney inside & out (from chimney leaks). You are then left with costly fireplace chimney repairs / brick chimney repairs. Occasional maintenance of the chimney exterior is critical to the safety and performance of your masonry chimney.

Chimney Repair - Tuck pointing

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